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Portland, Oregon is raising taxes on companies with CEOs making 100 times employee salaries — and giving the money to the homeless

Chris Weller
Dec. 9, 2016, 12:21 PM 26,565

In an effort to combat homelessness, the city government in Portland, Oregon has passed a law that raises corporates taxes on companies whose CEOs make significantly more than their employees.

Companies will see a 10% increase on their tax rate if the CEO makes 100 times the average employee and a 25% increase if they make 250 times the average salary, The Guardian reports.

The stated goal of the policy is to help decrease the homeless population in Portland, which accounts for roughly 1,800 people sleeping on the street each night. In April, local NBC News affiliate, KGW, declared the problem was a “crisis” that had hit a “breaking point.”



0 Prevention and Derelict of Duty?

Oakland fire chief says Ghost Ship may have fallen off radar

By Scott Glover, CNN

Updated 9:11 PM ET, Thu December 8, 2016


(CNN)Oakland, California’s fire chief acknowledged Thursday the department’s prevention efforts, which include conducting safety inspections of sites such as the Ghost Ship warehouse where at least 36 people died last week, have been hampered by years of budget cuts and hiring freezes.

“Was it the best?” Chief Teresa Deloach Reed said in an exclusive interview with CNN. “No, it wasn’t.”
Reed said department officials were still trying to determine if and when the warehouse on 31st Avenue had ever been inspected by her department. She said it was unclear if the structure was even in the department’s database.

“Right now we are looking through our records,” Deloach Reed said. “I can’t tell you anything right now about that warehouse.”
She added, “But I can tell you that our current fire marshal and the city and the attorneys are all working with the fire department, building and planning, trying to give a definitive answer as to at what point did anyone have access to that warehouse.”